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Company Information

We are an information and communications systems integration firm focused on value added telecomrnunications products that operate on the Microsoft NT Server platform.

Communications and information management are key contributors to the success United States businesses have enjoyed in the past twenty years competing in the world economy. Small to medium-sized businesses have been particularly adept at leveraging technology to their competitive advantage.

At the Spalding Group, we believe the opportunity for progressive, forward thinking businesses to use technology to their competitive advantage has only just begun. Telecommunications in particular will play a key role in technological advances. As a result, efficient and controlled communications with customers, suppliers and employees will be even more important in tomorrow's business environment.

It is our mission to support our clients by helping them sift through the ever changing information world to find the solutions that enable them to succeed. We do not measure our success on the completion of one sale or project, but on the ability to establish long lasting win-win relationships with high quality organizations. We will always endeavor to do so in a professional and ethical manner.


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